According to reports, its looking like the FA will agree on a winter break for the Premier League, the first being in February 2020. It won’t concern the EFL as their 46 League games makes it impossible to fit one into their schedule.

This is something clubs abroad have done for a while, even as close to home as Scotland. Jose Mourinho is a manager who has been calling for it, as well as Pep Guardiola. This was more because of the fixture backlog over the festive period, but the proposed plans are for early 13 days in early February. This would mean our Premier League tradition of festive fixtures would still happen.

To accommodate the break in February it seems that the FA Cup 5th Round will be moved to midweek with no replays. EFL Clubs won’t be happy that a potential revenue stream will be taken away but it seems that it will be a sacrifice that will have to be made. Perhaps they can find another way to compensate league clubs that get through to the 5th Round.

The hope will be that this gives players a period of time to relax and recuperate after a busy schedule. For Premier League clubs to become more competitive in the Champions League and perhaps even give England and their players an added advantage in the 2020 European Championships where 7 games including the Semi Final and Final will be played at Wembley.

This seems to be a step in the right direction from me as there does need to be a break, some players can play over 60 games a season without any rest. Is 13 days really enough? How many realistic days off will a player be given? Would there be enough time to have complete rest and then bring your fitness levels back up? If you have a month off you can relax for a 10/14 days and then you would be back into training. Perhaps getting rid of the some of the 4 international breaks would free up a bit more time.

I can see this period of time being used by clubs to jet around the world and play a couple of exhibition games, pick up some revenue and increase their commercial value. This would of course defeat the purpose of a break. Most leagues in Europe would be back up and running so clubs would have to travel a bit further to find these exhibition games. (CHECK WHEN SEASONS START)

VERDICT: A good idea, much like VAR, the idea is correct, just may take some time and some fine tuning to work it all out. A big step in the right direction.

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