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I signed my first premier league player within 12 months of completing this course

Gareth Thomas

I’m doing some work with an agency even though I’m still at uni and have only just completed the course

Charles Russel

An industry specific course like football further is vital for agents and Sam is an expert at what he does

Tony Faulkner – Head of VSI executive education

Good to see a top agent like Sam take the time to put together a course to better the industry through education

Steve Walsh – Sporting director

Module 1 - Understand the business

Everything you need to understand the business – qualifications, starting points, costs, potential barriers (and how to overcome them), getting your foot in the door

Module 2 – How to earn as an agent

All about your exciting earning potential – learn how you can earn whilst still in your current job. Also, find out how to progress successfully & efficiently to becoming a full-time football intermediary…earning what you’re worth, loving your job!

Module 3 – Law and Finance

What you need to know about the daunting legal and financial options.

Module 4 – How to sign players

How to sign players – gain your step by step guide on where to find them, how to approach them, where to start, building relationships and signing the deal.

Module 5 – Looking after your players

The importance of looking after your players (in the right way). Learn when and how to negotiate contracts to get the best deals all round. Not what you might think!

Module 6 – How to sell players

Learn how to sell players. The subtle art of when to sell, how to do it while having your players best interest at the top of the agenda.

Module 7 – Commercials, PR and Media

Learn the importance of commercial deals, public relations & media and how to use them to your advantage.

Module 8 – What next

Understand the choices for your career – Pros & cons of agency or your own business. Gain introductions to some top agencies and work out the best plan for you.

Gain all this along with ‘done for you’ templates in each module to help with emails, contracts, conversations, presentations and the many other parts to this amazing career.


Enrol now and benefit from these hugely valuable bonuses, for free:


  1. Live video lessons with myself so that you can ask all of your questions and I can guide you every step of the way (something I’ve never done before and probably won’t again).
  2. Access your live q&a session with a professional footballer so that you can hear what players are looking for from an agent.
  3. A q&a with the parent of a top player to find out all you need to know about what families want from someone who represents their children.
  4. A live session with a top negotiation expert on how to do business within the football industry.


These bonuses would be impossible to buy and only available if you book your spot in the next 6 days.


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