My business partner and I set up our own agency in 2005. I had worked previously for a small company and then a larger one. I had seen how both agencies operate we made the decision to start out on our own. It was hard at the start as we didn’t have any players. It took time to build up the agency and our contacts. There wasn’t any education for people who wanted to be an agent back then. You would have to find out for yourself and work out what work best for you.


This is why we have set up Football Further. The online education platform gives you a detailed insight into all aspects of the business. Teaching you and preparing you for any eventual situation that you might find yourself in. All the experience that we have gained over the last 15 years or so is shown in the course and something that you can learn from,


It is well detailed online that I have fallen foul of the rules and regulations on a couple of occasions. The first was a result of not knowing how to run a business and being caught out on an accounting issue. Something I highlight in the course to make sure that no one else does the same thing when they start a business. The second time was for breaking the dual representation regulations before they were changed in 2015. Both situations I have learnt from and have put them in the course as case studies.



Through the last 15 years we have come across all sorts of agents. Agents that do things the right way and others that don’t. It is a cut throat business but we believe that there is a way of doing things and even though its competitive you should never lose sight of good business practice. The pit falls that future agents might find when coming across other agents is again mentioned in the course.


Before the de regulation in 2015 you would have to do an exam. Within the exam you would go through all the rules and regulations and then be tested on it. The pass rate was low. Now a new agent can be registered without having any knowledge of the rules and regulations. We believe that this isn’t right and we want to make sure that every new agent is aware of the rules that need following.


Sam Dean of the Daily Telegraph wrote a really interesting article in 2016 on Rogue Agents. The article here looks at exactly the reasoning as to why we have started Football Further to combat similar situations.


Being a Football Agent is an amazing, interesting and rewarding business. As every business there are good and bad agents, we hope to be providing detailed education to the next breed of accomplished agents.

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